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18470 Educators Jobs in Punjab region Department of Education 2014

The Competent Authority has approved the accomplishment of Educators against all the left over posts that remained empty as a result of non availableness of candidates throughout the recent accomplishment beneath the accomplishment Policy-2013 dated thirty one.07.2013.
Presently, if any next in advantage candidate be on the market against the vacant publicised seats wherever connection has not taken place, candidate has left when connection or Letter of Agreements of advantage candidates don't seem to be issued until currently as a result of any reason, the EDO (Edu) can issue Letters of Agreement for such candidates.
In addition to higher than, the Competent Authority has any approved the accomplishment against 18470 posts of Educators (all categories). The district-wise hack of 18470 posts of Educators is at Annex-A. Further, the posts of Educators remained empty against the allotted posts beneath accomplishment Policy -2013 will be publicised beneath accomplishment Policy -2014.
Punjab Government and geographic region faculty Department of Education approves the accomplishment against the 18470 vacant posts in geographic region faculties. accomplishment are going to be created altogether classes of the posts.
District wise allocation of the posts has been declared. New accomplishment Policy 2014 has been declared with necessary amendments. Here we tend to square measure providing you all necessary links that may be abundant useful for you. Your queries square measure welcome however before that please keenly search the solution of your question from the links given below. Thank You