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By HEC, PUCIT Degree Programs has again awarded the highest accreditation

PUCIT (Punjab University of Information and Technology) Lahore is an old IT special institute which is the part of the University of Punjab and has been playing his duty in IT fields for many years. It is offering right now THREE Major subjects BS Computer Science, BS Information Technology, and BS Software Engineering. PUCIT has also received the best possible ‘W’ category accreditation by HEC’s National Computing Education Accreditation Council (NCEAC). PUCIT's VICE chancellor got a letter from NCEAC, according to which only 10 percent of the 170 computing programs have received ‘W’ category accredited by the Council. By this we came to know that only 17 computing programs in Pakistan and whose three have got best program, are from PUCIT. 
In an interview with the Principle Prof Dr Syed Mansoor Sarwar of PUCIT, he said, This is a  great achievement of PUCIT Team. This is only possible for the committed members of PUCIT, Punjab University administration, and hardworking of teachers and students, highly qualified faculty, best syllabus and key business processes at the college. NCEAC greatly admired and appreciated the efforts of principle and their continuous effort, bright thinking and their plane, strategies and leadership qualities regarding the level of achievement and providing a successful platform in computing programs to Pakistani Students.