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Goverment Provide a Solid Start to Modern Islamic School System

EDUCATIONISTS and students at a two-day fourth International Conference on Muslim Education (ICIE) last week in metropolis aforesaid the time had return that education ought to be reworked to push civilization and prepare learners WHO were true Muslims and equipped with reasoning, intellect, intelligence and understanding. They conjointly envisaged the best education would manufacture such learners WHO might resist unconscious and conditioned impulses and responses and assume the management of their destiny.

The conference by the Association for tutorial Quality (AFAQ), on “Vision for the Future”, that gathered educationists and students, from ten Asian and European countries, mentioned contents and objectives of the Muslim education.

They reached a accord to come back up with a holistic integrated information targeted round the clear understanding of the aim of Muslim education, together with education for masses.

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ICIE Founder Meggot Mohamad Amin, a notable Malaysian specializer, aforesaid at the conference the fashionable world was a worldwide village, wherever individuals had several things in common. it absolutely was against this backcloth, he said, the ICIE needed to convey a universal Muslim education system to the globe.

Participants conjointly united that spiritual} information and secular information weren't separate entities and involved inculcating Muslim values among students by adopting interactive teaching. There ought to be literature for school-going youngsters to impart them further information.

The conference participants nemine contradicente counseled that the Muslim faculties of the long run vary from those being labeled  as manufacturing extremists or mediocre students.

They counseled that academics in associate degree Muslim faculty have the bigger responsibility to not solely promote sound educational education however conjointly develop learner’s spiritual sensibility. The conference counseled the govt. create character building of scholars at faculties its highest priority. It aforesaid students’ characters ought to be in accordance with the teachings of the Holy Book and not on the Western thoughts.

Other recommendations were that Muslim education manufacture such learners equally equipped with non secular, moral, educational and cultural colleges. they ought to be kind, compassionate and tolerant people, WHO square measure able to bridge understanding between the individuals of various cultures and religions.

They aforesaid why non-Muslim students couldn't be inspired to be learners in Muslim faculties. “Intensive analysis is needed to implement the Iqra formula, that is divinely ordered,” the conference counseled.

The participants involved analysing a information document on character building ready by AFAQ. It counseled that primary education be imparted in natural language considering the Muslim methodologies of instruction of ancient Muslim practitioners.

It conjointly counseled that associate degree ISO-type body be created to assess the information, its implementation besides watching outcomes in Muslim faculties. There ought to even be a directory of specialists operating for Muslim education furthermore as uploading of necessary material on the online.

The conference conjointly counseled that there ought to be associate degree umbrella body for the Union of Muslim faculties and a world table for Muslim education comprising sub-offices in several countries.

AFAQ administrator Shahid Warsi says the implementation of Muslim faculties has already started in Pakistan, that not like seminaries, square measure giving balanced education.

As terror threat looms massive on them, the Punjab government closed academic establishments when the attack of Taliban militants on associate degree army-run faculty in Peshawar on Dec sixteen. Educationists say that the closure of faculties isn't the answer and therefore the government should ascertain ways that to continue studies in academic establishments. they are saying each passing day is precious for the scholars, WHO square measure to seem for his or her admission, intermediate and degree examinations within the returning months.

Punjab faculties education department’s district officers have told faculties’ heads and academics to make sure security measures in their schools. Security measures have monetary implications however the govt. has not discharged funds to varsities for the measures.

The Punjab academics Union (PTU) has demanded the govt. guarantee security in faculties and conjointly offer needed funds to them. PTU President Syed Sajjad Akbar Kazmi aforesaid the college executive department and district governments were solely giving assurances regarding the supply of funds.

He demanded the chief minister, the education minister and therefore the secretary of faculties make sure the provision of funds so security measures may be taken before the re-opening of faculties.

The PTU president conjointly demanded that the govt. not force academics, significantly girls academics, to attend faculties in chilly weather, once faculties were closed for winter vacation.

He condemned the terrorism on the Peshawar army faculty and adscititious that academics were equally grieved over the death of kids.

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