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Reopening of Private and Government Schools, Colleges and Universities

It has decided by Peshawar's Governments to reopen all the institutes of Peshawar, including ARMY PUBLIC SCHOOL AND COLLEGE SYSTEM on 12 January. Only those institutes will not reopen in 12th January where security issues are not satisfactory.

At the same time, Government strictly ordered them to keep the security arrangements complete before entering the students in the educational institutes. This is said by the Minister MUSHTAQ AHMAD GHANI in a conference at Peshawar Press Club on Thursday, which is also a part of Pakistan Tehrek Insaf. 

Minister Ghani said, firstly, it was decided by the Peshawar Government that all the institutes will remain close till 31 January due to the less perfection in the security arrangements .But this decision has now cancelled because of the wastage of precious time of the students.

Now it should clear to everyone (all educational institutes and students) that the institutes will reopen on 12th January. Minister Ghani said that it is not only the responsibility of the Government and only police is not responsible for all the students who are registered in almost 201 Governments, 210 Private colleges and 27,169 schools for girls and boys and 28 private and Government Universities. So everyone should keep their security arrangements complete on their own.

Minister Ghani also said,“Every school will have at least three guards and several (CCTV) closed circuit television cameras. Every school will have at least two guards – one on the rooftop and the other at the main gate to engage and will also build boundary walls and razor wires”. 

On the other side, The Educational Minister Punjab, Rana Mashood has said in his recent conversation with the media that all the educational institutes will reopen on 12th January without any confusion. He also said that the security of the schools will be monitored on a daily basis and the Government will take action against the school’s management where the security arrangements are not satisfactory. The minister also said that NCC (National Cadet Crops) the military training will be started in the educational institutes.