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Scholarships For Talented Engineering & Medical students of Gilgit Baltistan 2015

The limited Scholarships are offered by the Gilgit-Baltistan Government for the talented and deserving Medical and Engineering students who are now studying in recognizing Engineering and Medical colleges and universities of Pakistan. 
Brief Eligibility criteria and all terms/conditions is as under: 

  1. Candidate must have a decimal of GB (Gilgit Baltistan). 
  2. Candidate must be obtained at least second division in the last examination. 
  3. Applicant must attach a postal order amount RS. 300/- with the application form. 
  4. Deadline of submission of the application is 31, March, after this not any application will be approved. 

Imported note regarding Application: 
Incomplete forms will not be accepted and not any scholarship will be awarded to those application's candidates whose form is incomplete or wrong information is provided. Those students will also not be awarded scholarship who will submit their application after the mentioned deadline 
It is also informed that those students who result is in GPA that must be converted in percentage by their Institute and will be shown in the scholarship form. For more information you can visit this website: gbdoe.edu.pk