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Security issues in PU (University of Punjab) and UET (University Of Engineering and Technology) Hostels

The entry of the students has been starting from Saturday 10th January. It has strictly announced by Punjab Government that those Students will not allow to enter in their hostels who would not show their ID cards/ Hostel Cards/ Student identity Card and hostel allotment letters.

Due to Commercial Markets and Marriage Halls, PU is considered as a sensible part for the sake of security. The rooms which are under that students who belong to special parties, will be checked with rigorously concentration. Governments Universities' Management does any appropriate arrangements neither for security of Students nor for the entering in hostels an Universities. The Government just Prescribed to put the CCTV cameras in hostels. The Government also forced them to use a single gate for the entrance.

All other educational institutes of other provinces have reopened now. Alas! It is reported by some sources that the security arrangements are not adequate enough in hostels even after a long break. Rather then Government hostels, Private hostels are also strictly recommended that only those students would be entered who will show their Hostel cards and university identity cards.

On checking, students should not show any anger to the security guards and gate keepers, when they ask them to show their id cards and hostel cards, etc.. All of them, any acceptable arrangements did not see from the Government in the educational institutes.